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The Bauhaus Set

limited edition
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40 pieces made from 100% non toxic washable material. Featuring stunning limited edition silk screen prints inspired by the Bauhaus architectural movement. 

Ages 4+   

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Build right out of the box a puppet theater, a playhouse- the possibilities are endless

A true STE-A-M toy, combining an intuitive engineering play pattern, with art and creativity

Pack flat in the packaging box when you are done

Includes: 40 pieces in total for kids to create their own giant art structures 

8 larger pieces with a base measurement of 17in, 6 squares and 2 triangles 

5 medium pieces with a base measurement of 10in-13in

27 smaller pieces with a base measurement of 5in

Comes in a packaging box you can use as storage that measures 22in x20in x 5in

Warning: Not designed to support a child's weight. Follies are a lot more durable than cardboard but not as resistant to pressure as wood.

Adult supervision recommended, younger children might need help during disassembly of structures 

Made from non-toxic, BPA-free, phthalates-free, lightweight recyclable expanded plastic

Colors applied by hand with a silkscreen print using non toxic paints

Handmade process could result in small irregularities in color and application

CE Certified: Tested and approved by an independent lab for kids' toys

Easy to clean material, we recommend wiping with a baby wipe or wet cloth.

We recommend cleaning your Follies with a baby wipe or cloth and tepid water

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What they 're saying about follies

"One of the top gifts for five year olds. Take the joy of building a castle, and make it easy to decorate, redecorate and disassemble. The Follies play set lets kids build in many combinations and decorate anew each time."

"Forts are fun, for sure, but they're also a lot more conducive to open play spaces. That's why something modular and collapsible is a true treasure for play time in their bedrooms. I kid you not, my son played with his set for two hours straight once we had it open. "

"Basically, they’re chic-looking modular playgrounds that will keep kids busy indoors come winter. Follies is key for busy parents who are working from home, as the sets don’t require the help of an adult. "

"They’ll be able to construct a practically infinite number of structures and designs with this 40-pack of screenprint flat panels."