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endless play right out of the box.

Kids create a custom playhouse, a puppet theater, a city - in just a few minutes. Follies feature an intuitive, award-winning play pattern that will keep them busy for hours.

Washable & Easy to store

Don't be fooled by the sleek design, these shapes are not cardboard! Follies are made from 100% non-toxic plastic that can be reused and recycled. These eco-friendly Playsets come in no-waste packaging for easy storage when you are done.


My son loves this so much. It’s very flexible, storable, and highly creative. So far we've had a race car, a big parking garage for his other cars with ramps and different levels, a spaceship, and this morning a rocketship. Gonna definitely save winter lock-in on cold dark days!

Jacques D.

This was a Christmas gift for our grandkids and it was such a big hit that we got one for our house too, for when they come over! The sets are high quality, look great, and are worth the higher price point.

Jackie D.

I am amazed by how long they both stay focused while building with this set, and at the creative "masterpieces" they construct! They can play together, they can just build for a while, or they can incorporate structures they build into their other games.


I love that it's easy to assemble. I have four boys and a product that doesn't need me or their dad to help them put it together is a big win.

Kristen W.

This was Christmas gift for our grandkids and it was such a big hit that we got a set for our house too for when they visit. The sets are high quality and look great, worth the higher price point. 

Jackie D.



Take the joy of building a cardboard castle, and make it easy to decorate, redecorate and disassemble. The Follies play set lets kids build in many combinations and decorate anew each time.


Basically, they’re chic-looking modular playgrounds that will keep kids busy indoors come winter. Follies is key for busy parents who are working from home, as the sets don’t require the help of an adult.


Forts are fun, for sure, but they're also a lot more conducive to open play spaces. That's why something modular and collapsible is a true treasure for play time in their bedrooms. I kid you not, my son played with his set for two hours straight once we had it open.


Whether it’s a maze, a tower or just a sculpture of their own imagination, this is one toy adults and children can enjoy together.


These pop-up kits turn kids into architects of their own playgrounds. Follies promise to keep kids entertained during the quarantine, and long after.


our story

Inspired by the work of artists like Henry Matisse, Ray Eames and Anni Albers, designer Chloe Varelidi, an architect, turned play designer and a mom of two, designed Follies as a toy that can be both wildly fun and stylish enough to pass as art. Because children (and their parents) deserve good design too.