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Part toy, part home-decor and 100% fun.

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Build it in minutes. play with it for hours.

Kids love Follies for its fun intuitive play pattern, parents love it for something else: unlike other products in the market, Follies don’t require an adult to help kids build their creations.

Beautiful, Easy to store & washable.

No more bulky junk. Award-winning design that's insanely good-looking for a toy, easy to store and even washable. Follies are designed for families who don’t have space for giant pillows, cardboard forts or inflatables taking over their living room.

perfect for artsy kids.

perfect for artsy kids.

The Canvas Set


Works like a whiteboard but way cuter 🤩

30 pieces made from unique 100% non-toxic washable material; Kids draw, then wipe away and store flat after they are done. The Canvas Set comes with it's own marker set so you are all set to start creating from the minute you unbox.

Families love it.

The pieces fit SO WELL together and my daughter loves to play/build with Lego/Duplo/TinkerToys so it’s like a bigger version of this. And she loves that she can incorporate her stuffed animals into the scenario.

Carolyn S. | Washington DC

Finally a toy that looks good in my living room. And it's perfect for my creative son, he will spend hours drawing on his Canvas Set.

Jane F. | Brooklyn NY

The kids LOVE this!! I wish I’d bought two packs.

Natasha W. | Canada

I love that it's easy to assemble. I have four boys and a product that doesn't need me or their dad to help them put it together is a big win.

Kristen W. | Washington, DC

We have three kids and don't have a lot of space in our apartment so I really like that it packs flat and that you can wash it and then store it under your couch.

Laura D. | Washington, DC


A limited edition Follies Set featuring hand printed silk screen patterns.


our story

Inspired by the work of artists like Henry Matisse, Ray Eames and Anni Albers, designer Chloe Varelidi, an architect, turned play designer and a mom of two, designed Follies as a toy that can be both wildly fun and stylish enough to pass as art. Because children (and their parents) deserve good design too.


Basically, they’re chic-looking modular playgrounds that will keep kids busy indoors come winter. Follies is key for busy parents who are working from home, as the sets don’t require the help of an adult.


These pop-up kits turn kids into architects of their own playgrounds. Follies promise to keep kids entertained during the quarantine, and long after.


If your kid is bummed that they can’t go to their favorite play space, then bring the play space home to them. D.C. based architect and mom Chloe Varelidi launched this new life-size building toy to get families through the pandemic and long after.