Weekend Playtime: 3 Frida Kahlo-Inspired Games for Babies, Toddlers and little Kids

·1 mins read

Are you familiar with the captivating world of Frida Kahlo? As we celebrate the exceptional life and artistic legacy of Frida Kahlo this month, it's the perfect opportunity to delve deeper into her remarkable journey... through play! 

Play: Frida's Animalitos Tag Ages 4+

Choose one player to be Frida Kahlo and the rest choose to represent one of her famous animalitos 🦌🐒

When Frida tags a player,  freeze and imitate your chosen animalito's sound or movement ❄️🦜

Only an unfrozen player can unfreeze others by tagging them 👥💨

Keep playing until everyone has been tagged and transformed into animalitos! 🎉🐾

Play: Viva la Vida Dance Freeze Ages 2+ 

Play lively music for you and your child to dance 🎶

When you shout "Viva la Vida," everyone must freeze in a dynamic pose representing the joy of living life to the fullest ❄️🌟

Shout "Viva la Vida" during the dance session, prompting everyone to freeze in vibrant and energetic poses 💥🕺

Repeat and Dance! 🔄🎊

Play: Frida's Tummy Time Mirror Ages 0+ 👶🪞

Sit or lay down with your baby, maintaining eye contact and closeness 👩‍👧

Use a mirror to reflect both your faces and point to facial features, naming them aloud 🌟👀👃

Guide your baby's hands to explore their own features, fostering self-discovery 👶👐

Introduce Frida's face with a toy or picture, pointing out her beautiful eyes and connecting with your baby's gaze 🎨👁️