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Snowed-in? 3 easy games to keep kids active and creative this week

·2 mins read

If you woke up this morning somewhere in the east coast it's extremely likely there was plenty of snow outside your window. The perfect opportunity for:

a) sledding

b) family games. If you have little kids in your life here are some creative and very simple games you can play together, preferably while you all sip some hot chocolate.

🌈 Rainbow Says

A colorful version of the classic Simon Says game. Take turns saying "Rainbow says add yellow ( a color of your choice)" to make color coded collections of items from around the house. Then use the items to tell a story, each one taking place in a different color universe.

🎼 Crafty Musical Chairs

Perfect if you have more than one little human in your house. Gather a few cardboard boxes and place them in a circle, then give each of the children a cup with a glue stick and a few craft materials you might have around: like googly eyes, pompoms, stickers, tape, crayons. When the music stops they can build on the box in front of them, when the music starts they have to dance around the circle until the music stops again and they start building on the box that is now in front of them. You can level this game by giving a theme to what they are building like city or ocean or snow monsters. Works well with their favorite playlist.

☀️ Shadow Tag

This is a great outdoor game during the winter months when our shadows are longer.  Shadow tag is similar to tag but instead of touching other players to tag them your goal is to step on their shadows. Here's how it works:

  • Show kids how their shadow changes when their body moves to a different angle in the light.
  • Choose a player to be “It”.
  • The player who is it chases the other players, trying to step on their shadow.
  • If a player has their shadow stepped on, they are now It.

We hope you get to play with snow, rainbows, music and your shadow this week! For more fun follow say hello on instagram @playfollies