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Found family movies inspire us with another week of fun games!

Written by Hazel Arroyo
·3 mins read

This week, we were inspired by some vintage children's movies that explore the concept of found families and close friends. Try out these games and activities inspired by these great movies!


🦕 The Land Before Time

In The Land Before Time, Littlefoot and his friends are all different types of dinosaurs, but they are all raised together and consider each other as near siblings. 

Often in the adventures Littlefoot has with their friends, they find and follow the tracks other dinosours have left behind - let's make some of our own to tell a story! Using paper and fingerpaints, make a path of tracks and then share the story of the dinosaur(s) that left them. What kind of dinosaur are they? Where are they going and why? 


🔍 The Great Mouse Detective

In the Great Mouse Detective, Basil, Dr. Dawson, and Olivia form a found family while in pursuit of finding Olivia's father and foiling the evil Professor Ratigan! 

Make up a story for a mystery to be solved together: who spilled the glass of milk and when did it happen? Use some stuffed animals as witnesses and ask only yes or no questions to try to figure out the answer. The only off-limits questions are "who spilled the milk?" and asking if the milk was spilled at a specific time. If you're looking for a challenge, limit the number of questions that can be asked of each witness!


🦢 The Swan Princess

In The Swan Princess, Odette, Speed, Puffin, and Jean-Bob form a found family when they are all stuck living at Swan Lake. 

Put some music on from the Swan Lake ballet and dance like Odette when she is a swan! Then stop and start dancing like you think Speed, the turtle, would. Next is Puffin, and then of course, dance like Jean-Bob the frog would!


🐀 An American Tail

In An American Tail, Fivel gets lost and has quite an adventure trying to find and reunite with his family. 

Play Marco Polo on land; make sure to clear your play space of any hazards prior to starting. Swap the words to match the movie; instead of "Marco", call out "Fivel" and instead of "Polo" call out "Papa".


We hope you have fun playing (and maybe watching our inspiration movies)!

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