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A super-easy STEM activity to do with our Bauhaus Set

·1 mins read

We are getting some rain this weekend on the east coast so if you're dreading the winter days ahead 🙋🏻‍♀️ here is a really fun STEM activity you can do with our Bauhaus Set as the days are getting cooler and we are spending more time at home.

🔴 Start by combining your smaller Follies pieces into small structures. What pieces will you combine to make them stand?

🟡 Use googley eyes to create a few characters

🟢 Give all your character's names, think how the position of the eyes matches the character's personality. For example Willy the Wiggly one has eyes really far away to look extra silly.

🔵Decide how all characters are related and come up with a language for them, for example maybe they all speak wiggl-eeze. 

Inspirational pics below, share yours @playfollies over on Instagram