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Make a cute spider friend with Follies!

Written by Hazel Arroyo
·1 mins read

With halloween quickly approaching, we came up with this idea to make a cute version of a halloween staple: a spider! 


🕷 Step 1: Gather some googly eyes, pipe cleaners, dry erase markers, and any other halloween decorations you want to put on your follies!


🕷 Step 2: Give your spider all eight of their eyes!


🕷 Step 3: Draw on their hairy texture (and maybe even a smile 😀) before using the pipe cleaners to give them some legs!


🕷 Step 4: Put your spider in their very own halloween scene, maybe even a spooky haunted house!


If you prefer, you can also follow along with our Instagram reel.



We hope you have fun with this follies build and we hope you and your families have a very fun and safe spooky season!

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