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Want fun games inspired by kids' movies? Join us for Movie May!

Written by Hazel Arroyo
·3 mins read

Welcome to Movie May! This month we are drawing inspiration from some of our favorite children's movies.


🪐 Inspired by the Star Wars Mandalorian Series 🪐 

🍼 Baby Yoda Gibberish 

Invent a new language for baby Yoda by breaking each word down into its syllables. Each syllable will usually have a vowel sound. You then add a sound of your choice like oda-g  🙃 before each vowel sound. Here is an example:

  • Hodagello (Hello)
  • Hodagow odagare yodagou (How are you?)


🐉 Inspired by Raya and the Last Dragon 🐉

🔗 Balance Together

In your play space, plot out a course using masking tape. Get creative with placement, gaps, etc. The object is to travel with your arm linked with a partner. Both partners need to have at least 1 foot on a part of the line at all times. 


❄️ Inspired by Frozen ❄️

👭 Three Legged Course

In your play space, set up an obstacle course - maybe something to climb over, something to crawl under, something where you need to sidestep to get through. Now instead of doing a three legged race, have your kids complete a three legged obstacle course. 


🐠 Inspired by Finding Nemo 🐠

✏️ Spelling Hunt

Have your kids go around your play space and collect items that start with the letters "N-E-M-O". Once the items are back, try collecting items to spell out any of your other favorite characters!


 🧸 Inspired by Toy Story 🧸

🎭 Storytelling Toys

Have your kids create their own stories about what their toys do when no one is looking at them and perform the stories for you, and maybe even an audience of stuffed animals!


🎵 Inspired by Coco 🎵

🥁 Name that Tune

Drum the tune to a song and have your kids guess what the song is. After the song has been named, switch roles. 

Do you notice how people think of tunes differently? What may seem like an obvious tune to you may seem virtually impossible to others. 


😀 Inspired by Inside Out 😀

🎨 Color Characters

In the inspiration movie, the different emotions are represented by different colors; red anger, blue sadness, yellow joy, purple fear, and green disgust. Using these colors have your kids act out what a day might be like for them if they could only be one color emotion for the whole day. 


We hope you have fun playing (and maybe watching our inspiration movies)!

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