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Looking for some Father's Day ideas? Try out these delightful games!

Written by Hazel Arroyo
·2 mins read

It's easy to think of Dad as just a parent and not a person with hopes, dreams, fears, and goals. This year, try and build empathy with your dad; who are they really? These games were all inspired by the things that we already love to do with our own dads to get to know them even better than we already do. 


🎶 Dad's Infinite Playlist

Have your dad play DJ for a bit while he walks you through the music that defines him. Starting with his childhood, have your dad play songs and tell everyone why he chose it and some fond stories and memories that accompany the song. 


⚾ Catch and Tell

Play catch with your dad and every time that the ball falls to the ground, the person who picks it up gets to either tell a story about Dad or gets to ask Dad for a personal story. 


🏌️‍♂️ Golf and Gab

Play a round of mini-golf, either at a mini-golf course or you can set it up at home with cups as the holes and sticks as the putters. Every time someone gets their ball through the course, they get to ask Dad to reveal one of his favorites; favorite movie, food, color, song, etc. 


Have fun getting to know Dad just a little bit better this year and Happy Father's Day for all of the dads out there!

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