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Make your own dominoes with Follies for Hispanic Heritage Month!

Written by Hazel Arroyo
·1 mins read

On the warm summer nights of my childhood in Puerto Rico, we would spend evenings out on my grandparents' carport; the hot spot for family gatherings and parties. Off to one side, next to las tías playing briscas is my favorite table: the domino table. This is where family members crowd to try their hand at attempting to unseat the elder champions, hoping to end a game in the coveted trancao en chiva; a blocked shut-out. 


These family memories inspired us to take a closer look at dominoes and see how we might use follies in a fun way other than to build. Follies dominoes provided us with an interesting challenge; it essentially created a 4-sided domino tile that has strategy built not only into the game play, but in the layout of the tiles too!




Have fun trying out these 4-sided follies dominoes - best enjoyed with a side of salsa and bomba music!

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