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Going out to the lake this summer? Try these fun lake vacation games!

Written by Hazel Arroyo
·1 mins read

In continuation of our vacation-themed July, this week we visit the lake! Inspired by long summer afternoons at the side of a lake, we came up with these fun ideas for entertaining the kids!


🎣 Fish Secrets

Using the magic of the lake, send messages to your swimming friends! If you take a twig, small stone, or even a leaf and whisper a message into it, when you place it into the water, your fish friends can hear you! 


🐦 Chirpy Names

Listen to the birds that are singing and chirping at the lake. Based on how they sound, what names would you give them? Can you sound like them too? 


🦋 Flutter By

Look at all of the butterflies and other bugs that are over by the lake. How do they move, buzz, and fly around? Can you fly like them? Can you sound like them?


We hope that you enjoy making amazing lakeside memories with these fun games!

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