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Hungry for Pi Day? Try out these tasty math activities!

Written by Hazel Arroyo
·3 mins read

With all of the pi games and activities you could do with all sorts of pies, we couldn't resist with putting this list of games to play with your kids!


🍬 Probability of a Relay Race

Using candies or other treats, set up a "relay race" track by laying 3 candies on a flat surface that is clean enough to eat from (or place the candies in small dishes/paper cups/etc.). Lay down a ruler/yardstick along the edge to make sure they are all a few inches (or centimeters for smaller tracks) away from each other. In order to race, use dice to determine how many inches (or centimeters) to move at a time. Once you reach the next candy racer, instead of passing a baton, eat your candy!

Notice how many times each number came up on the dice. Did you get a lot of little numbers that made your candies move slower? Did you get a lot of bigger numbers that made your candies move faster?   


🍕 Just a Pizza Pie

Cut out some "pizza slices" from a piece of paper (or cardboard) and decorate them in to make up some dream pizzas with fun toppings. Now set up your "dinner table" of characters with stuffed animals, toys, and drawn friends to figure out how many slices should be served to each guest. 

If the number of guests change, how does the number of pizza slices everyone gets change?

Enjoy your dinner party! (And maybe get out your favorite dough recipe [here's one to try if you don't have one yet] and cook up the best sounding pizza when you're finished!)


🥧 Pi-cture Perfect

Using paper/cardboard, cut out a variety of angled shapes (squares, diamonds, triangles, rectangles, squares, etc.) and decorate them with your kids (or use something like tangrams). Now, with your shapes, try your best to figure out a way to arrange them into the shape of a pie or pie slice. 

What shapes can pies be? What kind of pie did you make? Did you put any toppings on your pie?


🍭 Edible Subtraction

Pour out a handful of multicolored (or multi-shape) candies/gummies onto a plate (or counter/other flat food-safe surface). Now sort them until they've all been grouped by color (or shape) and, together, count up how many of each color there are. 

Now let's do a bit of edible subtraction; eat x amount from y category, now how many are left? Continue until they are all gone!


Have fun eating all of your math treats and Happy Pi (3.14) Day!

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