Happy Follie-days with these fun play ideas for the whole family

·3 mins read

Whether you are traveling this week or cozying up at home in your matching pajamas- we have some fun play ideas for you and the kiddos. They work really well under a Christmas tree or with hot cocoa and gingerbread cookies. 

🎄 For the family that's always adding an extra something to their Christmas tree

 Use one of your medium-sized Follies pieces, a connector and some string and make your own ornaments. If you are using the Bauhaus add googley eyes for some extra silliness like in the video below:


Or draw an entirely custom ornament with your Canvas Set pieces like the ones kids made at our holiday workshop a few weekends ago



🎨 For the family that's already made three gingerbread houses

Take a note of inspiration from @lulu_make's family and use your Canvas Set to make a holiday-themed house. You can start with a build like the one in the picture and then ask your kids to think of a holiday character for every part of their structure. Once you are done bring some smaller toys like cars or plush animals and dream up stories that might take place in your new holiday house. 



🎨 For the family that's done playing another round of Monopoly

Did you know you can use your Follies to invent your own games? Here's a tutorial for creating your own Domino game with the Canvas Set:




Or your own matching game with the Bauhaus Set:


To kickstart some ideas ask your children to think of a game they really enjoy and how they would re-create it or improve it with Follies. Once you have an idea, ask them to give their new game a name and explain the rules to you and the rest of the family. Then play together a round and reflect with your child on what worked well and how could they make their game even more fun? Shhh... we won't tell but you just sneaked in some STEM problem-solving skills this Christmas morning 😇

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday break and if you are unboxing your new set this weekend don't forget to tag us @playfollies, it means the world to see your happy faces.