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Introducing Community Challenges: Let's talk about Bruno, yes, yes, yes!

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Hello Follies fam, many of you asked for more ways to get inspired and participate in the community. We listened and are SO excited to bring you something new: Community Challenges. Each month we'll get inspired by a theme, win prizes, and of course Follies fame. For February we are going with everyone's favorite magical family: it's Encanto time! 

How can you use Follies to create something inspired by Encanto? A casita, Bruno’s hiding place or even Antonio’s room.

How to participate

Take photographs or videos of your creation and tag us or DM us @playfollies on Instagram.

Win a FREE Canvas Set!

We ll feature everyone and the winning family will get a FREE Canvas Set, wahoo!


  1. Follies (any set you have)
  2. Toys you already have
  3. Cardboard boxes, craft paper
  4. Markers (if you have the Canvas Set)

Before you start

Choose a character from the family Madrigal and share your favorite things about them, i.e. I love Isabella’s flowers or Antonio’s animals.

Did you know?

Encanto takes place in Colombia one of the most diverse countries in Latin America. Colombia has a rich tradition of what is called magical realism: where magic is just a facet of everyday reality. 

Time to create together:


Ask your child to imagine how they might incorporate their favorite things about their character in their creation? Will they make one of Antonio’s animals using their markers and the Canvas set? Where will it’s head go? Does it have a tail?


Use your Follies pieces and any found toys or objects from the house to make an Encanto themed creation. Give it a name and take a picture of it.


Join your kids in roleplaying a scenario with their new creation. Play the soundtrack from the movie and sing together.


Share what you made with the rest of your family and friends. Ask them what they like and if they have ideas for new things to add or iterate upon. And don't forget to tag us us @playfollies on Instagram. We will feature all creations and the winner will get a free Follies set!!

Our team has a lot of expertise in playful learning and parenting. The Imagine-Create-Play-Share pedagogical model is one we use everyday and is inspired by what is called the "Creative Learning Spiral"a fantastic way to cultivate creativity in children introduced by Mitch Resnik.  Mitch is a Professor of Learning Research at MIT Media Lab, the director of Lifelong Kindergarten research group, and the founder of the Scratch project.

If you want to learn more about the Creative Learning Spiral and find tips on how to incorporate it in everyday parenting, read this fantastic article: