🌍 Celebrate Earth Day With These Playful Preschool Activities

🌍 Celebrate Earth Day With These Playful Preschool Activities

Earth! It's a beautiful place. Time to take your Follies outside and learn more about our precious planet with these fun games for your little ones.

🐜 March Like An Ant

Ants live in many places on Earth like in the rain forest, the park, or even inside your house. There are more than 20,000 species of ants and in this game children will learn more about a few of them.

This game plays as a variation of the Freeze game but each time the music stops or you say "Freeze" players have to move like a different kind of ant. Here are some fun ones to play and learn about:

Move like the JUMPING ant, which lives in India and could jump across an open book in just five leaps!!

Move like a CRAZY ant which get's their name from the way they behave. They run fast all over the place, rather than in a straight line.

Move like a WEAVER ant, which lives in leafy nests they make themselves in trees in Australia and Asia.

Move like a BULLDOG ant, which has big large jaws and lives in Australia.

Move like an ARMY ant. Huge groups of these ants move through the rain forest at once that you can hear them MARCHING.

 🦗Join The Cricket Choir 

Did you know that if you listen carefully you can tell the temperature outside is by how fast or slowly a snowy tree cricket chirps? The warmer it is, the faster they chirp! Gather your family (and friends) and assign one person to be the temperature "slider": their job is to move on an imaginary line left to right as if they are moving from hot to cold. The rest of the group has to chirp faster or slower according to where the temperature "slider" moves.

 🌿 Make A Balance Sculpture

On your next hike or walk outside, collect stones, sticks, leafs and other natural treasures and make a balance sculpture. It might be useful to group things into loose categories like treasures you can use as bases, big ones, tiny ones, light ones and heavy ones. You can get started by balancing something on your head, finger, or even your toes! Once you get a feel for what it's like to balance something, start building your sculpture. 

We hope that you and your kids enjoy playing these games today and everyday!

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