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Cherry blossoms on your mind? Celebrate with these floral games!

Written by Hazel Arroyo
·4 mins read

The cherry blossoms here in DC are about to all spring forth any moment. Since we can't go to the parades this year, we'll have to celebrate the start of spring in other ways this year, like these games we think you'll love!


😀 Sprouts of Sentiments

Cherry trees go through cycles as we wait for them to bloom. They start bare, then the buds appear, they go into glorious bloom, become leaves, before falling in the autumn and becoming bare once more. Try reenacting this cycle by using only shows of emotions to express each phase of the cycle. To make it a guessing game, display your emotions out of the cycle's order!


🌸 Petal of Power

Placing furniture or deciding on trees/natural landmarks/placing play equipment, create the "petal zone" where a ball (or similar object) will be placed in the center. Next, designate a goal post where something, preferably sturdy like a piece of play furniture or a tree, can be tagged.

One player, the Petal, will be declared as having the Petal of Power. It is their job to protect the object in the middle of the petal zone. All other players must try to take the object and tag the goal post.

If the Petal tags the player, they have to drop the object and the object is returned to the center of the petal zone. If the Petal says "Petal Power!" then any players within the zone must drop the object if they are holding it and run back and touch the goal post for 5 seconds. The Petal must then re-charge their power by going to the petal zone and counting to 10 with their eyes closed. 

Once the players touch the goal post while holding the object, the round ends and a new Petal is selected. 


🎟️ Search of Signs

Signs and banners are quintessential to the experience of every parade, including the Cherry Blossom Festival's parade.

Cut out a picture of a cherry blossom and place it on three objects: a stick (or a long strip of cardboard), a piece of paper (that fits on the stick), and a container of markers (or other decorating materials). 

Now, hide the objects around a play space with the cherry blossom images facing out and ask: "What might we be missing if we were to have our own cherry blossom parade?" If we search around the play space for cherry blossoms, we can find our answer!

Once all of the objects be found, ask "Now, what do you think we can make for our parade using all of these things?"

Once we discover the answer, make a banner and hold your version of a Cherry Blossom Parade in your play space!


We hope that you enjoy these games and you're able to bring the joy of spring and the cherry blossoms to your corner of the world, wherever you may be!

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