Did you know it's Women's History Month? Celebrate with games inspired by strong women!

Written by Hazel Arroyo
·3 mins read

Women's History Month is meant to celebrate women throughout history and their many achievements, accomplishments, and contributions. With strong women throughout history in mind, we were inspired to come up with some simple games to play with your small humans. 


🩰 Mosey Like Misty

Misty Copeland is a Principle Dancer with American Ballet Theatre and is the first African-American Female Principle Dancer for the company.

Play some classical ballet music and twirl and dance like a ballerina would! When the music stops, call out a ballet position or a shape to get into and freeze in until the music starts again.  


🧭 See Like Sacagawea

Sacagawea was an interpreter and guide for Merriwether Lewis and William Clark’s expedition that explored the land involved in the Louisiana Purchase.

Have your kid(s) hide an object (stuffed animal, toy, fun hand towel, etc.) within the play space that you will search for, using a small toy (or even your hand) to represent "you". Since "you" are much smaller, your kid(s) will have to take you on an adventure and figure out ways of helping "you" climb up/down/around things in the play space to find the hidden object.    


🐸 Ribbit and Run Like Rachel

Rachel Carson was a marine biologist, author, and conservationist whose book Silent Spring helped advance the global environmental movement.

Think about the different animals and elements of nature that you and your child see around where you live. Frogs? Rainwater? Grass? Ants? What do they sound like? How do they move? Act it out!


🎶 Canta Con Celia

Celia Cruz was one of the most popular singers of the 20th century and is commonly known as the “Queen of Salsa.” 

Create an open space in a play area and lay down some pillows, towels, etc. to create an obstacle course to play "The Floor is Lava". The variation? You can only navigate the course if you sing your way to the next island! You can use pillows or blankets to create "bridges" or "boats" or maybe you can sing your way to a "super jump" to the next island. 


📐Zine with Zaha

Zaha Hadid's pioneering vision redefined architecture in the 21st century. Born in Baghdad, Iraq in 1950, Zaha Hadid was the first woman to win a Pritzker Architecture Prize.

Look at some of Hadid's buildings for inspiration. Then use some markers and paper to draw ideas for structures. Name each one and put them together in a little booklet or zine.

We hope that you give some of these ideas a try and remember to learn from all of the strong women in your life!

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