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Looking for back to school enthusiasm? Try out some of these fun games!

Written by Hazel Arroyo
·2 mins read

With back to school upon us, we wanted to share some ideas with you for games to play with your kids as they get back into the swing of things!


🏫 20 Questions: Classroom Edition 

Think of a person, place, or thing and then everyone else playing can ask up to 20 total yes-or-no questions to try and guess what you were thinking of. With this being the "Classroom Edition", limit yourself to only things that can be found in the classroom. Once 20 questions have been answered or the correct answer has been guessed, take turns for who comes up with the next thing to guess. 


🎒What Do You See? Backpack Edition

Take turns with your child spotting objects found in your child's backpack in the same rhyme as this: "Glue Stick, Glue Stick, What Do You See?" "I See A Big Eraser, Looking At Me." "Big Eraser, Big Eraser What Do You See?" "I see My Homework, Looking At Me." and so on.


😀 School Sentiments 

Give your kids a scenario that happened at school and have them react to it without using words. You then have to guess what emotion they are expressing. Then swap places; have them give you a scenario that happened to them at school, react to it without words, and then have them guess what emotion you are expressing.


🏆 Top 5 Today

What were your highlights of today? Take turns sharing the top 5 moments of your day with each other and the stories behind them! 


We hope you have as much fun getting back to school with these games as we did!

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