6 Board Games for Little Kids You'll Actually Enjoy Playing Too!

·2 mins read
Move over Candyland! The list below is a curated selection of board games for 3-8-year-olds that incorporate strategic thinking, silly fun, communication and cooperation. We hope you enjoy it!
  1. Carcassonne Junior: If you are a fan of the classic strategy board game you'll be thrilled with this beginner version that is easy enough for my four-year-old to follow. Take turns drawing landscape tiles to close roads and be the first to place all your meeples to win! Ages 4+

  2. Richard Scarry's Busy Town: The beloved Ravesbourg classic is an ideal first board game for preschoolers. Race across Busytown, help Goldbug find hidden objects and reach Picnic Island before those hungry pigs devour all the food. Plus, the game board is an impressive over six feet long! This is a cooperative game for ages 3+

  3. Tongues Out!: Get ready for a hilariously silly matching game with a touch of strategy! Featuring squishy pugs with dyed tongues, dice lollipops, and an adorable overload of cuteness. Squeeze the pups to reveal their tongues and aim to be the first to match 6 pairs! Ages 3+ (If your kiddo is into silly games another great one to check out is Soggy Doggy)

  4. Gnomes at Night: In this cooperative maze game players work together to maneuver magnetic gnomes, find treasure, and beat the clock! This is a great game to encourage quick thinking and communication. Ages 5+

  5. Kids on Stage: Charades designed for ages 3-8. Act out cards featuring pictures and words, ideal for early readers and non-readers alike. Perfect for entertaining large groups of kids (holiday gatherings, anyone?) and guaranteed to keep them engaged for an extended period. Ages 3+

  6. Storytime Chess: This game has successfully nurtured two chess enthusiasts in our home. As incredible as it may seem, it genuinely delivers on its promise to teach chess to kids aged 3 and up. With its distinctive storytime approach and over 30 engaging mini-games, it's a definite winner. Ages 3+