Eric Carle Inspired Family Games That Celebrate The Beloved Author

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The beloved children's author and illustrator Eric Carle died this week at age 91. To celebrate his incredible life we are dedicating this weeks Play Anywhere post to the undoubtedly magic world of Eric Carle's books. Grab your favorite and play.

🐻 Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

Read the book and then take turns with your child spotting objects around your house in the same rhyme as the book like this: "Yellow Shirt, Yellow Shirt, What Do You See?" "I See A Big Cup, Looking At Me" "Big Cup, Big Cup What Do You See?" and so on.


🐛The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Get your kids excited for dinner by having them lining up the food. Then take turns re-enacting the book and eating objects by saying things like "On Monday the very hungry caterpillar ate a piece of... (whatever you are having for dinner)" Don't forget to introduce the salad leaf at the end.


🎨The Mixed Up Chameleon

This book is full of philosophical questions about identity and happiness, nothing to shy away from even for a 4 year old! It's a great opportunity to play a game highlighting all the things that make you and your child unique. You can take turns complimenting each other saying things like "I wish I was as tall as you!" "I wish I was as small as you!" only to conclude about all the things that make both of you unique.


We hope you have as much fun with these whimsical books and activities as we did!

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