🎉It's #FolliesFamilyDay 🎉

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We’re celebrating 1 YEAR in business on October 1st. 🤩🗓️
To celebrate together, we’re calling it #FolliesFamilyDay; an invitation to create together, wherever you are, have lots of fun and win prizes up to $500 🎁 with judges from The Exploratorium and Sesame Street!!
You can also join us in person at our studio in DC on October 1st.

Here is how to enter our first ever #FolliesFamilyDay

🎉 Follow us @playfollies on Instagram

🎉 Use any of your Follies sets to create a house for...(fill the blank)
your brother
your grandma
your pet
your plushies
your favorite artist
a secret
your dinosaurs
it could be anything/anyone you want

🎉Submit a short video showing your creation either by DM or tagging us @playfollies by midnight of 02/10
🎉 Bonus points: explain in your video how you came up with the idea and what you learned while building it

Get your creation in front of judges Medha Tare, a Learning Scientist from Sesame Street and Steph Muscat a Tinkering Specialist from the Exploratorium! 

🎉Three families will win prizes up to $500, winners announced live on Instagram @playfollies on October 6th

Prize include a Follies Set and a curated selection of other toys and books that our team believes make a good companion 
🎁Kwik Stix 
🎁Bauhaus Ballet Book by @lesley_barnes
🎁Suzy Ultmans wondrous wooden figures by @suzyultman
🎁Frida and her animalito book by @johnparraart