šŸŒøšŸ”¬ Follies x The National Cherry Blossom Festival šŸŒøšŸ”¬

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We are over the moon to haveĀ we partnered for the first time with the National Cherry Blossom FestivalĀ to createĀ a giant 500-custom flower set.Ā 

The set launched yesterday at theĀ #BlossomKiteFestivalĀ inviting children of all agesĀ to unleashĀ their creativity and engineer their very own GIANT flower sculpture while celebrating the science behind the stunning cherry blossoms!Ā 

Each piece was inspired by cherry blossom varieties found in the National Mall.

Ā šŸŒøDid you know Yoshino makes up a whopping 70% of the cherry trees in the park? And their flowers smell like sweet almonds - how cool is that?!

šŸŒøKwanzan is another variety to look out for, with double flowers boasting around 30 petals each, in clusters of 3 to 5. And if you take a closer look, youā€™ll see the petals hiding two green leafy carpels in the center of the flower!

Ā šŸŒøAnd last but definitely not least, Okame is one of the rarest cherries in DC, accounting for less than 1% of the cherry trees in the park. But what it lacks in numbers, it makes up for in being the earliest flowering cherry!

Missed yesterdays Blossom Kite Festival? Cherry Blossom Follies will be making an appearance at Oxon Run Pinknic (April 2) and Petalpalooza (April 8). Make sure to followĀ @cherryblossfestĀ for the event calendar and follow us on Instagram for all theĀ  behind the scenes.